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The “Ohwowpopcorn” brand is all about love, celebration and sharing. At Ohwowpopcorn every celebrant is a celebrity, whatever your reasons for celebration, always feel free to share your popcorn with friends, family and colleagues. Ohwowpopcorn is perfect for parties, home movie nights, snacking on the go and general family treats.

You have an event to plan, and we have the fun food solution. As a premium event vendor, we know that it’s not “one size fits all.” Each event and client is unique and we believe our services should be as well. We have packages for small, medium, and large budget events.

At Ohwowpopcorn we focus on using high-quality ingredients in producing popcorn, candyfloss, popsicles, Icecream and waffles in small batches to ensure maximum freshness.

We also offer customized packaging options for special events, corporate gifts, and other occasions.

Overall, Ohwowpopcorn is known for its innovative flavors, cart setup, packaging, high-quality products, hygiene and safety practices making us a popular choice among event planners in Nigeria and beyond.

I want to say a big thank you to you all for supporting the Ohwowpopcorn brand. Each time you buy Ohwowpopcorn, you're not just buying popcorn, you're encouraging what we represent... love, sharing, creativity, resilience and hardwork!

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